Monday, June 29, 2009

Bringing Up Vasu

I rushed out to pick up this book as a fellow mommy blogger and someone I know slightly though virtually has written it. Though the mommy genre is pretty huge overseas, this is the first book of its kind in India.

Parul has a wickedly funny blog that always makes me smile so I guess I was expecting something similar in her book. And yes, there are many moments in the book which make you smile or relate to it if you're a mommy. However I do feel that there were significant weaknesses in it, which a good editor could have helped Parul to refine.

The protagonist for instance, was someone whom I simply failed to understand. What were her motivations, how and when did she decide to either give up temporarily on her career or become a yummy mummy with kid at famous playschool, and why? Most of the time it seemed like events were overtaking her and she was at best reacting to them with a slightly left of center reaction.

I found most of the other characters in the book, with the exception of the husband, Anand, rather boring and one dimensional. The friends added nothing to the protagonist's discovery process or to either her growth or the turbulent emotions that accompany first time motherhood. The husband was chuckle-worthy, though, meeting all his spouse's hysterical reactions with patience, tact, good humour and unflappability, all the while making it clear he was behind her one hundred percent. he was the best part of the book.

I felt the book had a great concept but the execution could have been much more polished and real.

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