Thursday, March 13, 2008

Books for kids

By now this is becoming a familiar theme on this blog. But the good news - my son has started reading. Of course, like the lazy bum he is, he starts out by protesting that the words are too hard but when I refuse to budge and read to him, he starts off and has read a whole Reading Level 2 book about Lions, and started on the Ladybird edition of Wizard of Oz.

One of the books I rediscovered recently and that we both love reading together is a series called Amelia Bedelia. It's about a young housekeeper named Amelia, who always manages to misunderstand the instructions she is given. For instance, when she is asked to separate the eggs, she carefully puts the 6 eggs in the basket at different corners of the room. When she is told to baste the chicken, she whips out her needle and thread. And when she plays baseball, she is funnier than ever - she runs all the way to her house, when told to take a home run, and argues that stealing is wrong when told to steal a base.

The books are easy reading and loads of fun but they also help build vocabulary and are a great introduction to synonyms and homonyms as well as colloquialisms. I'd recommend them to any beginning reader since the stories are so interesting it keeps kids engaged and wanting to read more.

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charu said...

I love reading 'Amelia Bedelia ' too and so do my children !She does things so literally that its hilarious !
Try borrowing the book with the audio cassette.Its entertaining and fun for the early reader !Have u read the mouse cookie series... by Laura Numeroff?
I am re-living my childhood reading juevenile fiction and picture books !

bird's eye view said...

Hi Charu,

Yes, Amelia is really fun, and she's encouraging my son to read because he wants to know what happens next. I'll look out for the audio-cassette - not sure it's available in India. No, I haven't heard of the mouse cookie series - I'll look out for it.
And I've never outgrown my love of children's books - I have a huge collection of such books, ostensibly bought for my kids but enjoyed by me for years before they came along. It's fun to share them with the kids now.